COVID-19’s Upending and Transformative Effect on Film Production

COVID-19 has halted film production and transformed the industry process. As we approach November, much of the casts and crew within the entertainment industry are beginning to return to work, especially in states with looser restriction such as New York and Georgia. States ordinances have transformed the process into a division of “pods” for each sector, such as wardrobe or lighting crews, and respective “zones” that dictate where the pods can operate. COVID-19 officers are designated and responsible for enforcing these measures. Additionally consolidating crowded scenes have developed to be near impossible, as many are not willing to risk their health for the paycheck, and producers fear the liability they take on even if they did. As production costs raise and profit margins thin the number of takes are likely to drop. Romance scenes are also proving difficult to navigate.

The independent film industry has been hit the hardest considering the necessary dependence on loans and insurance difficulty. Sky Moore, a partner in the corporate entertainment department of the Los Angeles law firm Greenberg Glusker predicts that “50 percent of the independent industry goes away.” CREW UP® hopes to bridge the gap and revitalize this sector of the industry by eliminating the hurdle of a middle-man by facilitating peer to peer interaction. Chat with other CREW UP® members and book qualified people for your job with our app at!

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